Is your dog ready for 'Group Walks' or 'Individual Walks'?


For your pooch to be eligible to be booked on a Group Walk, your dog must be well socialized and play nicely with all other dogs. They must also be able to walk calmly around other dogs (lose lead), and not pull. Otherwise, we recommend booking your pooch on an Individual Walk. If you are unsure, please get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation, 'Meet & Greet' appointment.

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Group Walks

1 hour walks, providing your dog with plenty of exercise, play and socialisation.

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Individual Walks

30 minute walks, providing your dog with one to one attention, games and excercise.

Monthly Membership Options

  • 8 x walks per month

    £128/month (£16/walk)

  • 12 x walks per month

    £180/month (£15/walk)

  • 16 x walks per month

    £224/month (£14/walk)

  • 20 x walks per month

    £260/month (£13/walk)

One-Off Bookings Available